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    About US


    We are a global omni-channel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders, maintainers and protectors of industrial equipment and operations.

    We are your global partner, dedicated to solving your business problems so that you can continue to drive forwards. A business partner that delivers innovation and inspiration and that finds solutions to meet your industrial and engineering challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Our ever-developing product range meets your needs from over 2,500 suppliers, and over 750,000 products available to order online.

    Our Purpose

    Our purpose is ‘making amazing happen’. We plan to inspire a more sustainable world through education and innovative solutions that improve lives. Through a range of projects and activities we’re supporting the engineers of today and tomorrow, ensuring that they have all they require – from a broad product range to a number of core services that help to add real value to our customers.

    For procurement professionals, we have created Connected Thinking to provide valuable insight and expertise to both businesses and individuals involved in the sectors we support. RS doesn’t simply supply customers with products; we collaborate with organisations to help identify better working practices that will help them to achieve sustainable efficiencies.

    We also nurture people through our education solutions to inspire a better world. From schools through to universities, with access to volunteering opportunities and projects help inspire the engineers of the future.

    We believe in transforming the impossible to possible, and the ‘what ifs’ into ‘why nots’.