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    Mechanical Power Transmission

    Mechanical power transmission is the process of transferring mechanical energy from one component to another in machines. Every machine needs mechanical power transmission in some form and for this, different machine elements are used to transmit power. In the engineering industry today, different components are used for mechanical power transmissions such as belts and pulleys, brakes and clutches, bushes and collars, and more.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing Power Transmission Method

    Selecting the right power transmission method can be difficult, as every type has its own pros and cons. However, you can consider the following factors before choosing the method for your purpose:

    1. Temperature

    Every material has the ability to withstand different temperature levels, hence, should be used accordingly. For example, you cannot use rubber and synthetic compounds in high-temperature environments, while chain and gear drives can be a good option and will work efficiently in high temperatures.

    2. Maintenance

    Factors such as wear rate, lubrication, tensioning and alignment of the material can also help in deciding the right mechanical power transmission method for your system.

    3. Torque

    For systems where more force is required for rotation, chain drives can be used, however, for low torque needs, power screws or flat belt drives are considered better.

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